How It Works


We carefully select donors of all blood types through a 4-step process.


We harvest the blood from donors or yourself and clinically test it to be clear of Covid-19 vaccine.


We store the blood on blood banks around the world and make it available to you when you need it.


We deliver the blood to you when you need it within hours or prior to any scheduled procedure.

What is the purpose ofUnvaccinated Corp.?

We believe in the right to choose what goes into your body, we are not against the science of vaccines nor the Covid-19 vaccines, however we understand that humans are capable to decide and many chose not to get the vaccine putting a burden on themselves, family and friends.

That risk was taken and now that we slowly come out of those drastic times, we understand more and more about Covid-19 and the vaccines.

For those that decided not to get it, we offer them a chance to keep their choice unblemished by third party dissemination.

What doesUnvaccinated Corp. do?

We put together a network that is fast growing of clients and patients in need of blood for emergencies or prescheduled procedures with clinics and blood banks that harvest blood from preselected, screened and tested unvaccinated donors through a 4-step meticulous and unique to Unvaccinated Corporation procedure, guaranteeing the blood or plasma to be distributed be clear of the Covid-19 vaccine and also healthy for use.

All professionals, clinics and blood banks also go through a methodical process of selection to be part of our global network. It is important to remind that Unvaccinated Corp. is not against the science of the Covid-19 vaccine, we only provide a service to those that chose not get it.

unvaccinated blood

Blood donors and recipients worldwide aiming to provide blood without mRNA vaccination residues.

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Why Choose us?

Our company has been created with the firm believe on human right to choose, we are not against the science of Covid-19 vaccines nor any other vaccine, however some may feel that this might be unpopular but others might feel is their only chance to keep on what they believe in.

All the professionals involved believe that we have to provide a service for all causes and needs, so we have put the best of the best to try to offer this service to others and are one of the first ones to do it and do it right.


We can provide you with donor’s blood no matter your type or we can harvest yours, all go through the same 4-step verification even if you know you did not get the vaccine. We can store your blood for a period of time and do it all over again, and in the unfortunate case that you need it, it will be there for you. If you require blood from our certified donors we can do that also. No matter what your requirements are we offer different options, payment plans, insurance plans and a membership to make sure you get the blood you need whenever you need it and is 100% Covid-19 unvaccinated, because you have and had the right to choose and you did.